Solar of MAMAMOO Spills The Intimate Details Of Why She Does YouTube And More

The meaning behind the name is actually clever.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar once went in-depth about the details of her YouTube channel, revealing the meaning behind the name, her rapid growth, and more.

Solar reveals that the name of her channel, Solarsido, is an abbreviation. “Solar” is obviously representative of herself while “sido” is short for “sidohanda” in Korean, which means “to try new things.”

Solarsido means ‘Solar tries new things.’

— Solar

I try different things in my videos. Sometimes it’s the bottle cap challenge and sometimes I learn something.

— Solar

Solar says that this channel documents her trying new or trendy things and it’s more than just entertaining: It’s a break from her regular job which can cause stress.

Doing things and talking alone in front of a camera [relieves stress] and it’s fun, too.

— Solar

YouTube is like a healing activity for her and it seems her fans also enjoy it. Her subscribers have skyrocketed since she first opened her channel.

I have 1,070,000 subscribers. I opened it in February [2019]. I got a Gold YouTube Play Button recently.

— Solar

Solar’s success can be measured by the growth of her channel, her most viewed video hovering around 2.8 million views at the time of filming. Her current most viewed video, however, has reached 3.9 million views and her subscribers have grown to 1.88M!


Watch Solar discuss the full details of her channel below.