Fans Notice Someone Sneaking In The Background Of MAMAMOO Solar’s YouTube Videos

A glimpse of their reflection might give away their identity…

MAMAMOO‘s Solar is passionate about her YouTube channel, Solarsido, where she makes entertaining behind-the-scenes content for her fans.

Recently, however, fans’ hawk eyes have noted someone who frequently appears in the background of most of her videos.

She references them as “Colleague 1” and often tells stories of their input. Fans may wonder if this is an old friend or even a secret boyfriend.

They also accompany her on any trips but usually stay off camera and behind the scenes.

Colleague 1 also helps in various content, sometimes sitting off to the side and offering some commentary.

Sneak peeks of them can be seen in reflections of mirrors…

…and their voice can often be heard from off-camera.

Sometimes they even help directly contribute to Solar’s content, such as doodling on her face with makeup.

Solar is sometimes reluctant to give them food, especially when she’s dieting…

…but she still does it anyway.

Here we can see Solar directly talk about Colleague 1 who’s asleep, which is her perfect opportunity to prank them (and allow fans to finally see who this mystery person is!).

She goes inside and reveals their identity…

It’s fellow MAMAMOO member, Moonbyul! Fans have noted quick snippets of her can be seen in other clips, as well.

Solar directly references Moonbyul as Colleague 1 even in the rare instances she is on camera with her, confirming her identity.

We should have guessed since the two are so close. Moonbyul’s reenactment of Solar’s intro is also spot-on!

One thing is certain, fans love seeing this duo together.

And spotting her in the background can be entertaining!

We hope Moonbyul can appear in more future content with Solar, addressed by her name or otherwise.

Watch Moonbyul’s feature in one of Solar’s videos below!