MooMoo Discover A TVXQ Photo Surprise In MAMAMOO’s New Album And Nobody Knows How It Got There

Fans are joking Moonbyul is behind it:

When some MooMoos opened their copies of MAMAMOO‘s new album they got an unexpected surprise — TVXQ photocards!


On November 14, MAMAMOO released their highly-anticipated second full-length album, reality in BLACK, and quickly dominated the charts and all our hearts! But it’s not just their jaw-dropping vocals that has everyone talking, it’s also the mysterious TVXQ photocards that have been popping up in some copies of the album!


A few days after the album was released, a MooMoo got the surprise of their life when they opened up their brand new reality in BLACK album and discovered not one…


But two bonus photocards of TVXQ!


And it turns out they weren’t the only MooMoo to find a similar surprise in their album! Another fan revealed they’d also found some TVXQ poster goodies in their reality in BLACK album…


While another fan found a pic of Yunho in their copy!


The bonus TVXQ content has been delighting MooMoo and Cassiopeia who are cracking up at the extra album addition!


And as more delightful discoveries are shared, everyone has been dropping some of their theories as to how these photocards ended up in MAMAMOO’s album. One popular theory involves MAMAMOO’s resident Cassiopeia, Moonbyul, adding the photocards in the album herself…


While other fans believe that the album-production company got the photos mixed up during production. But without an official answer, it looks like the reason behind the photocard additions will remain a mystery for now!

Source: The Qoo