Wheein Once Called Out MAMAMOO’s Chest Size…And It Was Absolutely Hilarious

They couldn’t believe she ACTUALLY said that.

Wheein of MAMAMOO once spoke her mind and revealed something both hilarious and personal about her fellow members…and they were not too pleased.

While on stage playing a guessing game, the MAMAMOO members had to draw something representing their individual talents. Believing they didn’t have any, they drew X’s on their pages.

Wheein, however, had to guess exactly what they were trying to draw. Solar tried to give her a hint and make it easier.

It’s something we don’t have.

— Solar

It was time for Wheein to guess. She grabs her microphone and suddenly…


— Wheein

The members go crazy, yelling and throwing their notebooks. Wheein immediately giggles and books it off stage to avoid any retaliation.

Hey, height! It could have been height!

— Hwasa

Hwasa stomps after Wheein, reminding her of the many other (and less embarrassing) ways she could have answered that question.

Wheein’s guess may not have been the correct answer to the question, but it certainly got a laugh out of fans!

She really knows how to speak her mind and fans love her for it.

Watch the full hysterical moment below!