MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Confesses Her Love For A Particular Meme Of Highlight’s Yang Yoseob

They search it up all the time!

This particular meme of Highlight‘s Yang Yoseob has been popular on community sites for ages. Dubbed as the “sensitive boss” meme, in it Yoseob is seen reacting hyper-sensitively to being nudged by group mate, Yoon Doojoon.

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It seems that the fame of this meme has reached even celebrities, as MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa recently pointed out during a talk show that she often searches it up. What was interesting was that Yoseob was the MC for the showcase! Upon hearing the news, Yoseob immediately reacted shyly.

There’s this meme I really love. It’s actually one of sunbaenim‘s. I look it up frequently.

— Hwasa

Moonbyul proceeded to ask about the story behind the meme.

I have the meme too to be honest. I think I really was being sensitive at that point in time. But I don’t remember who was it that hit me, or who I was being annoyed at.

— Yoseob

Although the mystery of the meme was not solved, fans did walk away with another confession! It turns out, Wheein was the biggest fan of Yang Yoseob back in her middle school days. She had to take the chance to tell him on spot.

It’s a little bit of a TMI, but I really liked sunbaenim back in middle school. So today, it was really nice and it was great seeing you.

— Wheein

In other news, MAMAMOO has recently made a comeback with “AYA”. Take a listen below.


Source: theqoo