MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Shocked Her Co-Hosts When She Revealed She Picks Her Nose

Doesn’t everyone do it?

On an old episode on Home Alone (episode 247) MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa revealed the secret to picking your nose with long nails, but only because no one believed it was possible to do it with fake nails!

Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

When told it wasn’t possible because it would cause a nose bleed, she shared that she actually does experience nose bleeds, which made the fellow panelists laugh because they felt validated in their assumptions.

Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

Hwasa explained that during shoots when it’s dusty, her nose feels itchy so she picks at it secretly for relief but sometimes it bleeds if she pokes herself accidentally.

Source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

There you have it, picking your nose with long fake nails is the same as picking your nose in any other situation… It just requires a bit more diligence so that you don’t get hurt.

Of course, it’s possible to do anything and everything with long nails, from flushing the toilet to putting in contact lenses, so it’s possible her co-hosts were just being silly with her for good TV.