When MAMAMOO’s Solar Revealed Her Dream Job On National TV, The Hosts Couldn’t Hide Their Shock

She would have been great at it.

During an appearance on a 2017 episode of Battle Trip, MAMAMOO‘s Solar revealed her dream job, aside from being an idol, that is! The topic came up as a point of conversation as Solar and groupmate Moonbyul were the tour guides in Hong Kong for this particular episode.

Source: KBS World/YouTube

As they discussed Moonbyul and Solar’s experience during the episode, Solar dropped the bomb that her dream was to be a tour guide.

Source: KBS World/YouTube

The hosts of the show were really shocked, but Solar went on to say, “Now I’m a singer, but through this opportunity, I could properly act as a travel guide.

Source: KBS World/YouTube

When asked about it, she explained that she wanted to be a travel guide for foreigners in Korea.

Source: KBS World/YouTube

Solar’s dream job totally makes sense when you consider that she was training to be a flight attendant up until she was about 20 years old. She also once took a foreign fan on a date, showing him a bunch of special spots around Seoul.

Although we’re glad Solar ended up being a performer and the leader of MAMAMOO, she would undoubtedly have made an excellent tour guide and represented Korea well to visitors.

Watch the whole episode below: