MAMAMOO Solar’s Extensive Resume Prior To Becoming An Idol Might Surprise You

These jobs are perfect for her, but we like her best as MAMAMOO’s Solar!

MAMAMOO’s Solar is an open book. She’s shared everything from what her favorite lipsticks are to what’s in her wallet. So, it’s no surprise then, that during an appearance on KBS‘s Entertainment Relay back in 2016, Solar shared her very eclectic resumé with viewers.

Solar shared that she had been training to be a flight attendant up until the age of twenty when she decided to quit. (Can you imagine having Solar as your flight attendant? 😱)

Source: NAVER x Dispatch

In addition to having work experience as a flight attendant, Solar also has several different occupational licenses! The occupational licenses Solar holds are recreation instructor, fun leadership, and laugh therapist, with each one taking about a day for her to obtain.

Those licenses definitely sound right up Solar’s alley with her fun and funny personality!