MAMAMOO’s Solar Revealed The One Reason She Wants To Work For JYP Entertainment

“…I was so envious of the company employees.”

MAMAMOO‘s Solar recently paid a visit to the JYP Entertainment cafeteria after hearing so much about it because it’s famous in entertainment circles.

I heard the reason Park Jin Young sunbaenim started using organic foods for the cafeteria was because of young trainees. He said it always broke his heart seeing them eating poorly…ㅠ

Solarsido video description

Solar was able to visit the famous cafeteria because MAMAMOO did a collaboration with J.Y. Park for the MAMA awards.

In fact, Solar enjoyed the meal so much, she directly asked J.Y. Park if she could come back another day and film for her vlog! During her vlog filming, she also revealed why she wants to work for

Being one of the coolest CEOs in the world, he welcomed Solar back for another meal, so she took his words to heart and returned another day to film!

She was so happy to be back at JYP Entertainment for lunch, joy literally radiated out of her!

Solar gave everyone a quick tour of what it looked like and wow, it is incredible!

There were three different types of rice to choose from and so much delicious food.

The choices of the day included pork cutlet rice bowl, grilled mackerel, steamed dumplings, and much more.

Solar happily went about plating her food…

… But she was so enthusiastic about picking her food that she accidentally took the tongs with her!

Once her food was plated and she found a place to sit, she gave us a total plate tour and whew, did her food look super delicious!

At about 1:00 or 1:30 pm, the cafeteria staff begins preparing dinner for staff in the building, so there was no time for her to waste when it came to eating!

I was really envious.


Solar enjoys the food at JYP Entertainment’s cafeteria so much that she revealed she secretly had a thought that she wished she was a JYP employee!

The other day, I told JYP, when the food was served, I was so envious of the company employees. ‘I also wish I was a JYP employee.’ I had that thought.


It makes sense in consideration that the food at the JYP Entertainment cafeteria is allegedly so delicious that employees even eat there on their days off! The food must be incredible if it inspires people to pop in on days they aren’t supposed to be there!

As she finished off her meal, Solar wistfully began to verbalize her wish that her agency had a cafeteria, just like JYP Entertainment’s, only to cut herself off when she realized what she was saying.

After eating, Solar showed off her cleaned plate(s) and expressed, once again, how much she enjoyed eating the food there.

Once she was done with her main course, she made her way on to the dessert café that is also in JYP Entertainment’s building and treated herself to a delicious organic ice cream sundae.

Much like the food, she had eaten the ice cream sundae previously and loved it so much she came back a second time!

After everything, she met with JYP himself to thank him for the meal…

… To which he replied, “Thanks to the food, Solar is slowly getting prettier!

Well, we don’t know about that… Solar has always been a true beauty, but seeing her so delighted over enjoying a healthy, delicious meal surely warmed our hearts!