A Man Ran Into Park Bo Gum at a Bathhouse and Shared His Full Experience

It’s safe to say he’s now a Park Bo Gum fan for life.

Back in 2017, a man wrote about his full experience running into Park Bo Gum in a bathhouse in 2015.

This encounter took place when Park Bo Gum wasn’t as famous following his appearance in the 2012 drama, Bridal Mask and before he made his well-known appearance in tvN’s Reply 1988.

The man’s story of how he ran into Park Bo Gum in a bathhouse and exactly how their interaction went reads as follows:

It was spring of 2015.

I went to a bathhouse in the Mokdong area when I noticed a really handsome guy. I knew I saw him from somewhere, and that’s when I realized it was Park Bo Gum. He appeared a few works at the time, but he wasn’t as famous back then.

If you’d like to know if Park Bo Gum had a nice body, I’ll just describe it as manly since that’s his private matter.

Anyway, I pretended not to recognize him at first, and then went he went to shower, I took that chance to shower next to him and strike up a conversation.

I asked him if he was Park Bo Gum from “Bridal Mask” and said that if that was the case, I’d been keeping an eye on his work and enjoyed all of his roles.

In response, Park Bo Gum bowed his head, told me that was him, and thanked me for recognizing him.

We then talked about this and that, and then I asked him if I could get a photo and an autograph from him afterwards. He said he wouldn’t mind at all and that he was actually very happy to see a fan in such an unexpected place.

He spoke with such good manners.

After showering, Park Bo Gum and I dried our hair, put on her clothes, and left the bathhouse. Once we were out on the streets, we asked a passing lady to take our photo, and I got his autograph, too.

But Park Bo Gum headed back inside after that. So I asked him if he forgot something, and he said he told the person at the counter that he was just stepping out for a moment to take a photo, and that he was going to spend some more time at the sauna.

So I thanked him and bowed my head in gratitude. And in response, Park Bo Gum also bowed his head and told me that every single person who cherishes him are precious to him.

Before we parted, I told him I heard about him being casted for Reply 1988 and wished him luck. Park Bo Gum thanked me  again and promised to pay me back for the love I’ve given him.

After that, I saw him becoming famous through Reply 1988 and when he shot up to stardom through his following works, I can’t help but feel proud. I hope he continues to succeed.


1. I realized he has a combination of the nice look and the handsome look once I met him in person.

2. Park Bo Gum’s personality portrayed on TV is not a lie.

3. From my experience, not only is he handsome, but he’s a good person.

4. He’s an outstanding person with good character.

5. He’s just awesome.

– Fan

Source: Popular Style