Man Punches A Korean Police Officer And Immediately Regrets It

Netizens praised the police officer for his actions.

When a man decided to throw a few punches at a Korean police officer, he was in for a shock when the police officer handled it in the most unexpected yet professional way.

Korean police officers. | Jung Yeon Je/AFP

On the streets of Korea late at night, a video was captured of a man suddenly punching a police officer. Unfortunately, the man didn’t stop at one punch.

Despite someone standing nearby, the man punched the police officer a second time. That’s when the police officer had enough.

Quickly putting an end to the attack, the police officer turned into a marital artist to flip the man onto the ground and disable him. Netizens praised the police officer for not only being able to remain lucid after receiving two punches but also for taking the man down in a matter of seconds.

After seeing the police officer’s quick reaction, people might think twice about attacking trained officials.

| Yonhap

Source: Reddit

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