These Pieces Of Clothing Look Like Official BTS Merch But Are Not

The designer deserves a raise!

As ARMY, sometimes, you want to display your love for BTS in your fashion. How else are you supposed to meet other ARMY out in public?

Still, we’d like to be stylish while doing so, free from wearing outlandish or cringy merchandise. You know the kind we’re talking about.

One way you can do it is by recreating some of the members’ own iconic looks. You can buy some of the items they have worn from an event or your favorite Run BTS! episode.

| @bangtanstyle_07/Twitter

Of course, now, BTS also sells their own official merchandise through Weverse Shop, and even their McDonald’s collaboration is classy. That shipping cost, though, we’re not a fan.

So, when we find BTS merchandise that’s cute, classy, and affordable, we’re all about it! The latest piece that every ARMY will want in their closet is a cardigan that looks it was literally meant for BTS.

| Mango

Not only is it purple, BTS’s official color, but the pattern looks familiar… Upon close inspection, it literally looks just like both the BTS and ARMY logos!

| Mango

It’s a subtle nod to BTS and looks extremely comfy! Who wouldn’t want that?

| Mango

While it’s not official merchandise, it sure looks like it. It’s actually from Spanish clothing design and manufacturing company Punto Fa, S.L., trading as Mango. On their website, it describes it as having a geometric print and fine knit fabric. It’s also a long-sleeved oversized design, so perfect for the cooler seasons! It’s made from 77% acrylic, 14% polyester, and 9% cotton. You can purchase it for $79.99 USD.

| Mango

If cardigans aren’t really your style, they also have a knit sweater version available! Plus, it’s cheaper as it’s just $59.99 USD!

| Mango

Now, ARMY just want to know who is behind this design because we love you.

Whoever in Mango’s design department thought of these designs… they deserve a raise!

Source: Mango