Here’s How Much It Costs To Dress Like BTS For Their Staycation In “Run BTS!” Episodes 150 And 151

Pieces range in price from $34 to $1,380 USD!

BTS enjoyed a staycation at Josun Palace Hotel in episodes 150 and 151 of Run BTS!. So, of course, they were dressed comfortably yet stylishly for this relaxing two-parter.

Here’s how much it costs to dress like each member…

1. RM

Leader RM wore the “Rope Washed Shirt” from CRITIC for $102 USD. He accessorized with multicolored fabric slides from Fendi, which cost $560 USD.

RM | @bangtan_style07/Twitter & Run BTS! & CRITIC & Fendi

2. Jin

“Worldwide Handsome” Jin appropriately wore a sweatshirt from Ames that read “WORLDWIDE” on it. The sweat set, coming with matching pants, costs $110 USD. He wore the “Ombré-effect Logo Embossed Slides” from MSGM for $285 USD.

Jin | @bangtan_style07/Twitter & Run BTS! & Ames & MSGM

3. Suga

Suga understood the assignment by wearing a “STAYCATION” sweatshirt from STUDIO TOMBOYBOY for $102 USD. He completed the comfy look with slides from BIRKENSTOCK for $110 USD.

Suga | @bangtan_style07/Twitter & Run BTS! & STUDIO TOMBOY & BIRKENSTOCK 

He paired the sweatshirt with a more affordable pair of checkered sweatpants from 1993STUDIO, costing $51 USD.

| @bangtan_style07/Twitter & Run BTS! & 1993STUDIO

4. J-Hope

J-Hope was dressed for a vacation with a bright and colorful fit! His graphic T-shirt is from Fallet and costs just $34 USD. Over the top, he wore a Hawaiian shirt from Know Wave for $170 USD. His pants are the “Logo Embroidery Sweatpants” from NOHANT and cost $119 USD.

J-Hope | @bangtan_style07/Twitter & Run BTS! & Fallet & Know Wave & NOHANT & SUICOKE

He accessorized with the “OG-195-EU Slip-on Sandals” from SUICOKE and the “JUPITER C1” glasses from MANOMOS for $218 and $227 USD, respectively.

| @bangtan_style07/Twitter & Run BTS! & MANOMOS

5. Jimin

Jimin perhaps understood the staycation assignment better than anybody as he paired a “DOSAN Basic Logo T-Shirt” from AND YOU with a checkered robe from 1993STUDIO for $48 and $73 USD, respectively.

Jimin | @bangtan_style07/Twitter & Run BTS! & 1993STUDIO & AND YOU & Chrome Hearts

He accessorized by wearing “Tiny CH Earrings” from Chrome Hearts, costing more than the average outfit as a pair costs $1,380 USD. His shoes are the “Intrecciato Leather Sandals” from Bottega Veneta and are also not cheap as they list for $660 USD.

| @bangtan_style07/Twitter & Run BTS! & Bottega Veneta

6. V

V wore the “Contrast Sweatshirt” from Ports V for $358 USD. With his outfit, he wore Yeezy‘s “Supply Neoprene Slippers,” costing $175 USD.

V | @bangtan_style07/Twitter & Run BTS! & Ports V & Yeezy

His bright yellow pants have “butter” on the pocket, which is a cute reference to the group’s hit song. They are from Reprod and cost $76 USD.

| @bangtan_style07/Twitter & Run BTS! & Reprod

7. Jungkook

Maknae Jungkook wore a matching gray garment-dyed shirt and shorts from JUUN.J for $310 and $249 USD, respectively. He added some color to the fit with multicolored slides from Fendi, costing $620 USD.

Jungkook | @bangtan_style07/Twitter & Run BTS! & Fendi & JUNN.J
Source: @bangtan_style07