This Is How Many Time X1’s Kim Yohan and Kim Wooseok’s Names Get Searched In A Month

Check out how many search their names get on average per month.

Recently, data has been released that shows how often X1‘s Kim Yohan and Kim Wooseok‘s name gets searched in a month (averaged).

Kim Yohan, who is originally from OUI Entertainment and ranked #1 on Produce X 101, gets…

… 453,700 searches a month! Kim Yohan received lots of love from the National Producers and is now the center of X1. During the finale of Produce X 101, he got 1,334,001 votes.

Kim Wooseok, who ranked 2nd place on Produce X 101 and was previously active as Wooshin in UP10TION, gets…

… 683,400 searches a month! Fun fact: in every performance Wooseok performed on Produce X 101, he was always the center except for the final stages! In the final episode, he got 1,303,033 votes.

Source: TheQoo