Marvel Announces That We Might Soon See A Korean Super Hero

Marvel shared their plans to include a Korean superhero on their upcoming Hollywood movie projects.

Korean Box Office continuously grow every year, and they have a huge loyal fanbase for superhero flicks.

According to the United States Box Office, recent Marvel films such as Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Age of Ultron drew over 15 million audiences in theaters.

As South Korean market proves to be strong, film studios are interested in attracting Korean audiences now.

It was recently brought to many people’s attention that many Korean actors are being closely observed by big studios in Hollywood, getting offers for roles.

“Train To Busan” Actor Offer Hollywood Role By Marvel Studios

Thanks to huge box office success in South Korea, Marvel Studio also gravitated their attention to developing a storyline for a South Korean character.

“We might be able to see a ‘Korean superhero’ in the near future.”

— C.B. Cebulski, Editor in Chief, Marvel

Source: CBR

This is not the first time a Korean idol was considered for a role in a Marvel films.

Fans Going Wild Over “Rumours” This Idol Will be In “Guardians Of The Galaxy” 

Fans are also wondering if an idol member could be cast as a Superhero.

Time will tell if a K-Pop idol could be featured in a Super-hero flick, but fans are excited that this could happen sooner than they all expected.

Source: Insight