This Mash-Up Artist Is Now Going Viral For His Lit AF Playlist Filled With K-Pop’s Best Songs

He knows what he’s doing.

When Golden Child performed an awesome mash-up stage of K-Pop’s most popular boy group songs at the 2019 Dream Concert, fans immediately became curious as to who the mastermind behind the lit remix track could be.

This Boy Group’s K-Pop Mash-Up Is Totally Lit And Deserves To Be On Your Playlist


It turns out YouTuber Kim Dong Woo is the one who created the beautiful mashup song. While those who knew about this particular YouTuber’s extraordinary mashup skills may have guessed it, there wasn’t much information about the track itself. Then, on his channel, Kim Dong Woo made an official statement that he was, in fact, the one who had the opportunity to work on different mash-ups for the concert!

Translation: “Hi, did everyone watch the 2019 Dream Concert yesterday? I got to work on the K-POP MASHUP performances for Golden Child and GWSN. I should have let you know about the live broadcast sooner. Sorry I’m a bit late. I don’t know if there will be any recordings of the performances, but if Dream Concert ever uploads videos from the stages, please watch! And… I haven’t been uploading a lot lately because everything I make sounds incomplete to me. I hope you understand.”


Now netizens are flooding over to check out his other mashups available on his YouTube channel. Kim Dong Woo has combined K-Pop’s hottest artists and their tracks to create something completely new yet familiar. His playlist is so lit and K-Pop fans from all over the world can’t stop listening to these bomb remixes now!


Kim Dong Woo experiments with different groups and sounds. Some are predictable, some are completely mind blowing. One thing for sure is that he has a magical way of blending the tracks perfectly together to create a mashup that sounds so natural and good! Check out BTS‘s “Boy With Luv” mixed with JBJ95‘s “Awake”.

I don’t understand why Kim Dong Woo only has 380K followers.

— YouTube ID Calcium

I’m just 5 seconds in the mix and already fell in love with the mashup.

— YouTube ID Zarrin Khan

Dang… They really go well together. I’m shook.

— YouTube ID Aidan Nadiah


Fans also love Kim Dong Woo’s male and female group mashups. This EXORed Velvet mashup of their popular tracks “Ko Ko Bop” and “Bad Boy” has over 4 million views for its unique and catchy sound! Listeners are instantly turned to huge fans after they hear how brilliantly the two songs mix in with each other – from the melodies to the lyrics!

If Kpop comes up with a new award called “The Best Mashup Award”, this would 100% get 1st place.

— YouTube ID widya

Me before listening to this: Im not a big fan of mashups… Me after listening to this: OMG WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?

— YouTube ID Siwan Bang

Even the lyrics are connected too. The details are perfect in this remix. I’m so mind blown, blown, blown…

— YouTube ID Park Ocean


As Kim Dong Woo mentioned in his statement, he has not uploaded anything in a while because he is concerned about the quality – but regardless, fans look forward to hearing whatever he puts out next!

Ready for another bomb mashup? Check out this video featuring GOT7, BTS, EXO, and SEVENTEEN. You know this song, but you don’t: