These Two MBK Trainees From “Produce X 101” Are Polar Opposites

They’re both so charming, yet so completely different from each other!

Produce X 101‘s Lee Hangyul and Nam Dohyun are trainees under MBK Entertainment but are polar opposites.

During the ghost hidden camera event on Produce X 101, Nam Dohyun had nearly cried out of shock after seeing the ghost.


On the other hand, Lee Hangyul had the most comfortable possible expression on his face even after seeing the ghost.


And when Lee Dong Wook stated that Nam Dohyun was usually cute but sexy on stage…


Lee Hangyul looked surprised to find out that Nam Dohyun was sexy and congratulated him.

Oh, sexy? Congratulations, Dohyun.

ㅡ Lee Hangyul


Meanwhile, when Hangyul showed his cute aegyo…


Nam Dohyun completely freaked out and denied it.


At the age of 16, Nam Dohyun’s strength is not quite as strong as he desires.


In comparison, here is middle-schooler Lee Hangyul at the age of 16!


And finally, their differences even applied to their appearance. Lee Hangyul, who has thick double eyelids, is the opposite of Nam Dohyun, who has smaller single eyelids. Not to mention, Nam Dohyun is surprisingly taller than Lee Hangyul!

Can they be any more different?

Source: Pann Nate