MBLAQ’s Mir Reveals Exactly How Much Money He Made as an Idol

Mir revealed actual numbers regarding how much money he made as an idol.

MBLAQ‘s Mir recently shared a YouTube video where he opened up about the details of his income as an idol.

Mir began sharing his experience as an idol by confessing, “When you become a trainee, you end up accumulating a lot of debt for lessons, security, album, production, and more.

He continued, “I signed a contract with my agency for a 5-5 ratio, which is the most common for idols. The agency promised to take on a lot of our burdens.

Mir then revealed, “People say rookie idols have to wait a year to get paid, but not us. We got paid every 3 months. After “Oh Yeah”, we got 15 million won (~$12,500 USD) on top of paying off our trainee debt.

He added, “But the conditions of the contract is important. Payments for variety shows went to the company, but if you did solo variety show appearances, got a permanent position in a program, or became a host, that profit was given to the member.

As such, following the song “Y” and their busy schedule afterward, Mir received 50 million won (~$42,000 USD) with which he bought his parents a car.


Lastly, Mir shared that concerts made up the majority of their earnings and that after touring all of Asia, he switched out his car, gave 100 million won (~$84,000 USD) to his parents, and even paid off their house debt.

Check out the full reveal below:

Source: Dispatch