MBLAQ’s Mir Reveals Everything He Knows About Where The Hottest Idols Go To Date

“There’s a lot of couple stuff happening everywhere.”

On his newly opened YouTube channel, MBLAQ‘s Mir spilled everything he knew about how and where the hottest idol group members go for dates. Mir pointed out that these are, in fact, what he has seen and heard during his time actively involved in the K-Pop industry.


Mir first pointed out that it is completely natural and inevitable for idols to date among themselves. He called it “instincts” for these talented, good-looking young people to find each other attractive — and that many end up going on dates without the fans finding out.

How would they not date when they’re mingling with the best looking people? They do. And what kind of dates do they go on? They do the same things everyone else does. They watch moves, they drink coffee, they go eat at good restaurants…

— Mir


And he shared, fans rarely discover these idol relationships because the stars 1. are super careful and 2. choose the most private and secluded spots to hang out. Mir dished that idols, among themselves, know places where they can avoid the press and fans to fully focus on spending quality time together.

… but they are super careful when they do these things. They’ll go to really late night showings at certain movie theaters that are known to have no one else watching. They’ll take the coffee to go and drink it in their cars at some dark corner at Han River. They get around without getting caught.

— Mir


In fact, Mir added, some bars in Korea have some intense security systems to protect the privacies of its clients. These bars become frequent go-to date spots for idol couples that are trying to stay out of the spotlight!

I’ve actually heard this from one of the bar owners. There are certain lounges that are so private that once a car pulls in to the parking structure, an elevator will take the entire vehicle up to their own private room. The clients can drink without anyone knowing they got there. It’s a secretive place.

— Mir


He also dished at idols in secret relationships know how to have fun behind the scenes at TV programs or inside the waiting rooms at music shows.

There’s a lot of couple stuff happening everywhere. They can appear on an entertainment show together. That’s a lot of fun. Or they might be promoting their albums at the same time. They can meet in the waiting rooms or in the hallways. They’ll find ways to spend time off the stage and whatnot.

— Mir


In the end, however, Mir added in caution; while there is nothing wrong with dating around in their prime, there are fans who would prefer not to know about their biases’ relationship status. Mir commented that idols should always be careful with their choices and to never “make the fans feel stupid or played.”

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