MBLAQ’s G.O Reveals A Surprising Fact About His Streaming Income

Regardless, G.O is content with his post-idol, broadcasting jockey life.

G.O is now a successful broadcast jockey (BJ) on YouTube and other platforms. His channel is filled with video contents of him singing, eating, gaming, and interacting with his fans.

His channel is on a steady rise, recently attracting a lot of viewers as he revealed actress Choi Ye Seul as his girlfriend, live.


G.O and his girlfriend, now calling themselves the “O-Ye Couple”, held an interview with Women Sense magazine’s May edition. During this interview, G.O discussed his streaming income once again.


G.O stated he earns about the same amount he used to promoting as an idol with his group MBLAQ.

“I make what I used to make as MBLAQ.” — G.O


G.O shared satisfaction in his new found career.

“Being a BJ is great because I get to see the viewers’ reactions immediately. I have fun while broadcasting, saying what I want to say and doing what I want to do.” — G.O


We know he made over $34,500 in his first ten days as a BJ on AfreecaTV. While the initial craze has died down by April, G.O still ranks as #12 on the list of highest “star balloon” earning BJs.

In addition, the number of his subscribers increased profoundly, now at over 120K on YouTube. The additional income from his multi-platform broadcasting should guarantee a substantial income.


G.O’s viewers are enjoying what he does, and continue to send support his way.

Source: Xports News