A McDonald’s Delivery Driver Once Stole From TWICE Sana’s Family, And Nayeon Had A Lot To Say About It

Here’s what Nayeon would have done instead.

In a past live broadcast, TWICE‘s Sana told Nayeon about the time a McDonald’s delivery driver stole drinks from her family. Nayeon had a lot to say about the incident.


Sana described that when her family discovered that the drinks were missing, the driver unexpectedly confessed to taking them because he was feeling thirsty.

Apparently, my family ordered McDonald’s for delivery, but when they got the food, the drinks were missing. They asked about the drinks and he said, ‘I’m sorry. I drank it because it was so hot today.‘ It’s insane, right?

— Sana

She further explained that the driver was a student. “He was a student. It’s unbelievable, right?

Nayeon revealed her thoughts on the incident. She herself would have never said the same thing, so his extreme honesty amused her.

It’s ridiculous and cute. He must have really wanted that drink. It’s so funny that he was so frank. I don’t think I can say something like that even if I drank it. Can you?

— Nayeon

If she were in his position, she wouldn’t do the same thing because of her fear of being reprimanded. Instead, she would wait to buy a drink until after she completed the delivery.

They could scold me. What would I do then? You have to resist that urge and buy it yourself. I’d resist drinking it just because I’d be scared. Even if I’m tempted, even if it’s hot and I want to drink it…I would buy my own drink because I’d be scared to come clean. I would keep reminding myself how happy I’d feel buying a cold drink at a convenience store after the delivery.

— Nayeon

Although they didn’t agree with what he did, at the end of the day, they felt compassion for his situation. “He must have been exhausted.

Source: Naver