The Meaning Behind BTS RM’s Album Title “Indigo” Expresses His True Personality As An Artist

He emphasized all his collaborators.

BTS‘s RM sat down for an interview on the TongTongCulture YouTube channel to give a preview of the songs and artists featured on his debut studio album, which was released on December 2, 2022.

BTS’s RM | TongTongCulture/YouTube 

He gave full explanations regarding the genre, style, and what audiences could expect from each track. RM also explained the reason behind the album’s title, Indigo, which he first began conceptualizing in 2019.

All of RM’s music is an expression of his candid self, all “Born after passionate endeavors,” according to the rapper. Indigo is no different, “Especially more ‘Kim Namjoon’ and hopefully a new beginning.

The title also fulfills RM’s wish to have his first studio album named after a natural color. It symbolizes RM’s newfound ideas, contrasting the black-and-white concept of his previous mixtape, mono., released in 2018.

Indigo is also a color that could be interpreted as different gradients depending on the person, represented by the various genres and atmospheres of the tracks in the album. These songs combine to create “Harmony within the color indigo.

RM emphasized that he collaborated with many artists because he believed some songs “Come to life when adding new colors of others.” He continued, “The album had songs that I wished to add frequencies, narratives, and sentiments of others.

Check out the full interview with RM below.


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