Meet The Adorable Chihuahua From NCT 127’s “Sticker” That Stole The Show

And meet Malraeng’s super buff owner 😳

NCT 127 dropped their music video for “Sticker,” the title track off their album Sticker and it’s full of jaw-dropping scenes and fierce outfits. Each member had their own time to shine, but one cameo truly stole the show: the adorable chihuahua!

Taeil from NCT and Malraeng. | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

Meet Malraeng, a 3.5 year old chihuahua that has NCTzens and the NCT members themselves obsessed with him. The chihuahua first appeared in Taeil‘s concept photos leading up to the album’s release and is also featured in the music video!

| @atopgym_one/Instagram

Malraeng was dressed in a little cowboy outfit to match the music video’s cowboy theme!

| @malraeng_e/Instagram

Malraeng was born on February 26, 2018. Malraeng’s personal Instagram page is full of him lounging around being way too cute!

| @malraeng_e/Instagram

Taeil himself talked about Malraeng in an interview where the group was discussing their music video. Malraeng really was the star!

A super cute dog named Malraeng appears with me. This dog is most definitely a show stealer.

— Taeil

NCTzens couldn’t get over how cute Malraeng is — and were shocked to find Malraeng’s owner’s page! Malraeng’s “dad” is Kim Ji Won, a super fit trainer at Atop Gym.

| @atopgym_one/Instagram

Kim posted photos of Malraeng and Taeil on his own Instagram page in support of the two! It’s so cute and also hilarious to see Taeil with Malraeng in the middle of Kim’s photos of himself looking super ripped.

| @atopgym_one/Instagram

Taeil posted this adorable video of him and Malraeng following the release of “Sticker!”

Malraeng then commented underneath it! This whole exchange is just too precious.

| @mo.on_air/Instagram via @taeil_universe/Twitter

Taeil: Cute Malraengie 🐶

Malraeng: Cute me 🐶

Malraeng even makes an appearance in one of Taeil’s official photocards for Sticker. This is definitely one PC that’s going to be high in demand!

| @@love_to_cherish/Twitter

Check out “Sticker” below to see Malraeng in action!

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