Meet The Celebrity That Jo Jung Suk Shows The Most Affection To…And It’s Not Gummy

Gummy is even a little jealous of this celebrity.

Jo Jung Suk and Gummy are one of the most heartwarming celebrity couples, as the two have shown their love for each other many times.

The List took a quick look at some Jo Jung Suk’s friendships and found that he may show affection to one celebrity more than Gummy.

That celebrity is none other than EXO‘s D.O!

Their friendship began when the two became co-stars on the film Hyung.

D.O has always been a fan of Jo Jung Suk, so he was quite excited when he got the chance to work alongside him.

When asked how long it took him to make his decision on joining Hyung, D.O gave the best answer.

It wasn’t just D.O that was a fan, as Jo Jung Suk also has been a fan of D.O. Jo Jung Suk originally knew about him as a singer but was amazed by his acting once he saw D.O in Cart.

The two immediately hit it off and have shown that they’re extremely close to each other.

Jo Jung Suk’s wife, Gummy, is even a little jealous of all the affection her husband shows to D.O.

The two have shown their brother-like bond on many occasions.

Even after the filming for Hyung concluded, the two would still constantly contact each other.

Here is the full video below!

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