Meet Chaerin: Jungkook’s Childhood Friend Who Is Now A Rookie Idol

They used to train under the same company together.

BTS‘s Jungkook‘s childhood friend made her debut last year after years of hard work, training, and perseverance.


FNC Entertainment‘s Cherry Bullet debuted on January 21,2019. The lineup originally consisted of 10 talented members: Haeyoon, Yuju, Mirae, MayBora, Jiwon, Kokoro, Remi, Linlin, and…



Mirae, Kokoro, and Linlin left the group on December 13, 2019.


Chaerin used to be a trainee under Big Hit Entertainment, back in 2012.


At that time, she was 10 years old and Jungkook was 15. Jungkook is now 22 and Chaerin is 18 (going on 19 in March 2020).


The two took a trip to the US together, along with other Big Hit Entertainment trainees.


Chaerin and Jungkook were also enrolled at the same school, School of Performing Arts Seoul, but at different times.


Like Jungkook, Chaerin is a vocalist and dancer within her group, and her skills are no joke!


Since several other Cherry Bullet members also have ties to BigHit Entertainment, maybe fans will see a BTS x Cherry Bullet collaboration in the future? In the meantime, check out more of Chaerin’s dancing here, as well as their most recent music video!