Meet The Hitler Loving Asian-American Who Only “Loves White Boys”

A conflicted Asian-American male by the name of Ling Anderson has been proudly proclaiming that he’s a white supremacist who loves “White boys” on his Twitter and YouTube accounts.

Ling Anderson is a half-Chinese, half-Japanese male in New York, and both his Twitter and YouTube accounts have been gathering negative attention due to his racist tweets that support white supremacy.

Many of his tweets voice his hardcore support for President Donald Trump, as he is often seen wearing his red “Make America Great Again” hat or a sleeveless Trump campaign shirt.

He also recently created a YouTube account and posted several videos promoting White supremacy, Donald Trump, and neo-Nazism. One particular video racked up over 32,475 views in just 3 days since it was uploaded, and it told his viewers to “never back down when being accused of being a racist” and to “always double down on it”, as well as encouraged them to constantly think of new ways to be more racist.

In the video, two confederate flags were draped over his closet as he talked to his camera in a black t-shirt that read “White Pride”. In his hand, he held Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, which he brandished in front of his camera while conveying his message. At the end of the video, he played a small section of Hitler’s proclamation ceremony while raising his arm to do the Hitler salute.

(Warning: video contains racist and disturbing content.)

While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, it’s clear Ling is suffering from a severe cultural identity crisis. We can only hope he gets the help he needs and finds who he truly is over time.

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