Meet The Idol Who Keeps A Photocard Of BTS’s J-Hope In His Wallet

We can all relate.

A male idol is making rounds on social media by being a proud fanboy!

D-Crunch‘s Hyunwoo revealed in a live broadcast that he is a fan of BTS‘s J-Hope.


He proudly held up his idol’s photocard with a huge smile on his face.

I put this in my wallet. I want to meet him.

– D-Crunch’s Hyunwoo


Born in 1999, Hyunwoo is a vocalist of D-Crunch.


He previously mentioned that he thinks of J-Hope as his role model because he’s good at dancing and rapping. His facial expressions also consistently show his love for the stage, something he can relate to.


D-Crunch consists of 9-members including Hyunwook, Hyunho, O.V, Minhyuk, Hyunwoo, Hyunoh, Chanyoung, Jungseung and Dylan.

They performed BTS’s “Idol” in 2018.


Source: Twitter

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