Meet Jeong Woo Ju, SM Entertainment’s 11-Year-Old Model Who Already Has An Impressive Resume

His visuals are already top model worthy.

An 11-year-old boy is making headlines on Korean online communities for his captivating gaze and impressive modeling resume.

Model, Jeong Woo Ju | Saie Photography

ESteem, the modeling agency partnered under SM Entertainment is known for housing some of South Korea’s greatest artists and models. Lee Hyori, model Jang Yoo Ju and model Han Hye Jin are some of the impressive talent that are signed under this label. One person in particular, however, is starting to garner heavy attraction due to his unique visuals and young age.

| ESteem

Model and actor, Jeong Woo Ju was born in 2009, making him only 11-years-old. While he may be unbelievably young, he already has boasts an amazing resume of work. In 2016, Woo Ju beat a 400:1 ratio to win the notably difficult SM Entertainment Kids Modeling Contest. After winning the contest, he signed an exclusive contract with ESteem, which fully kickstarted his career. Since then, the 11-year-old has modeled for brands such as Zara KidsNikePuma, MLB Kids and more.

Jeong Woo Ju for MLB Kids | MLB Kids

The young model’s impressive list of works doesn’t end here. He has also walked in several fashion shows for brands such as ICEBISCUITCRES. E. DIM. and more.

| Argo Sports Kids

As if this weren’t accomplished enough, Woo Ju proves that his talents aren’t just confined to modeling. In 2019, the young model showed off his acting abilities as the lead in DICKPUNKS‘ “Special” music video.

Jeong Woo Ju In DICKPUNKS’ “Special” music video | YouTube

We are seriously impressed with the 11-year-old’s spectacular resume at his young age. We can’t wait to see what Jeong Woo Ju’s future holds, as we are sure we will be seeing more of him.

Source: theqoo
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