Meet The K-Pop Idol Who Got Scouted By SM Entertainment When She Was Only 7 Years Old

The offer was initially rejected!

K-Pop companies are always scouting for potential trainees, and SM Entertainment is no different.

There’s one K-Pop idol who got scouted by the company when she was only 7 years old!

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However, the parents of this idol thought she was too young at the time, so they rejected their offer.

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Her parents eventually allowed her to become a trainee at SM Entertainment when she got a bit older.

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The idol in question is none other than f(x)‘s Krystal!

During an episode of Life Bar, the cast members and guests were talking briefly about how Krystal got involved in the entertainment industry at an extremely young age. Krystal revealed that SM Entertainment scouted her when she was in kindergarten.

Before becoming an idol, Krystal was quite active as a CF model for various companies.

Krystal ended up modeling for these companies because of the people around her, as they believed that her visuals would suit a lot of companies.

Here’s the full video below!

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