Meet The K-Pop Idol Was Was Supposed To Debut With The BLACKPINK Members, But Ended Up Having To Experience 2 Group Disbandments

This is just a heartbreaking story.

While there are plenty of K-Pop idols who have experienced hardships, this one idol has experienced multiple heartbreaking situations.

The idol in question is none other than Euna Kim.

Euna Kim first appeared to the public when she was a contestant on Superstar K3.

She ended up catching the attention of many people, including YG Entertainment, who offered her a spot in the company as a trainee, which she accepted.

Euna Kim spent multiple years training under YG Entertainment and was supposed to debut as a member of PINK PUNK. While BLACKPINK is currently known as a 4 member group, the group was originally supposed to debut as a 9 member group called PINK PUNK.


However, PINK PUNK’s debut ended up getting canceled, and Euna Kim decided to leave YG Entertainment after being there for over 3 years. After leaving YG Entertainment, Euna Kim made her solo debut and later debuted as a member of The Ark.

Unfortunately, The Ark disbanded less than a year after their debut due to their debut not having much success. After this, Euna Kim appeared on multiple music competition shows, such as Unpretty Rapstar 3 and The Unit.

Euna Kim then debuted in a duo called KHAN with Jeon Minju, who was groupmates with her in The Ark. Sadly, KHAN met a similar fate as The Ark, as the duo ended up disbanding a little over a year after their debut, with just one single to their name.

Now, not much has been heard about Euna Kim’s activities as an idol, but she has been quite active on her Instagram account, where she gives some updates to her fans.

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