Meet Kyung Seo, The Rookie Singer Who Is Neck And Neck With BTS Right After Debut

She’s been #1 on Gaon chart for three weeks!

Rookie singer Kyung Seo has been dominating music charts for the past few months and people are taking notice. Let’s take a look at who she is and why her song is neck and neck with BTS‘s new album!

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Kyung Seo is a 21 year old singer who was previously a participant on Channel A‘s Vocal Play 2. The survival program was the first of its kind, judging the contestants based solely on their vocal abilities. This meant that they had to sing without any instrumental accompaniment. Kyung Seo proved her talent by placing second overall in the second season of the show.

Kyung Seo on “Vocal Play 2” | Channel A

Following her appearance on Vocal Play 2, the rookie singer made her official debut on November of 2020 with “Shiny Star.” Her debut song is a modern remake of the 2010 version released by the original singer, Yang Jung Seung. While the older generation of Korean netizens may know the original version, the newer generation of K-Pop fans seemed to be unfamiliar with the song.

Upon release, Kyung Seo was slammed with sajaegi (chart manipulation) accusations due to her song charting well. Her debut song charted right behind BTS’s “Life Goes On” at number two, confusing the public and BTS fans. Eventually, her song would claim the number 1 spot.

Still of Gaon music chart ranking | Gaon

Her song has been maintaining the coveted number 1 ranking on different music charts. She even took home the mutizen award on an episode of SBS‘s Inkigayo, further confusing netizens.

Still of Kyung Seo winning Inkigayo’s mutizen award | SBS

While her sajaegi accusations were neither confirmed nor denied, the allegations have been continuing to grow as the rookie singer maintains the number 1 spot. The catchy tune and reminiscent melody, however, may just be what the public of Korea desired. It seems that it was her talent and pure luck that played huge roles in her debut success.

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If you’re curious about Kyung Seo and her overnight success, you can check out her debut song “Shiny Star” down below!

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