Meet The Rookie Maknae Who’s Gaining Attention For Her Gorgeous Visuals

She’s stunning.

While K-Pop is full of visuals, one not-yet-debuted idol is already making a name for herself.

Netizens noticed the gorgeous visuals of PlayM Girls‘ member, Zoa, when she was announced as their maknae.

Dubbed the “Giant Baby”, she’s already 170cm (5ft. 6 in.) despite only being 14 years old.

She celebrates her birthday on May 31 and she is one of the youngest K-Pop idols as she was born in 2005.

Netizens have pointed out her mature visuals, symmetrical face, and large eyes.

She even bares a resemblance to IU, Oh My GirlsJiho, and IZ*ONE‘s Minjoo.

Left: Zoa, Right: Minjoo

Zoa’s group, PlayM Girls, is set to be Play M Entertainment‘s first group since VICTON and first girl group since Apink.

Source: Pann

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