Meet The “Master Of Stage Costumes” Who Made MONSTA X’s Outfits In Under Two Hours

They nicknamed him the master for a reason.

Although MONSTA X are known for their powerful songs and memorable performances, there’s another area where they excel: fashion.

When they attended the Seoul Music Awards, they showed off just how well they dress, wearing stylish suits fitting each members’ style.

When it came to their chic stage outfits, there was someone important they received help from. The man nicknamed the “Master Of Stage Costumes.”

In only an hour and a half, he was able to create the beautiful outfits that graced the awards show stage. For others, it would’ve taken them days. Between him and his small team, they accomplished the feat in no time at all.

To make clothing that would not only suit MONSTA X but be wearable to the point where they could move freely? That’s absolutely amazing and why he’s definitely earned the nickname of a master.

Just look at the precise fit of Shownu‘s outfit, from the pants to the blazer. Every button and seam is neatly placed. It’s genuinely a well-made piece of clothing. The medals even add a touch of color.

Watch how the “Master Of Stage Costumes” creates his masterpieces for MONSTA X in the brief but exciting segment here.

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