Meet The Pianist Who Plays Hyun Bin’s Look-Alike In “Crash Landing On You”

Now we know who he is!

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Crash Landing On You fans who have finished the series know the short but heartbreaking scene in Episode 16.

After Ri promises to meet Seri in Switzerland, she has her family put down roots in the form of a music scholarship foundation—the perfect excuse to go to the European country every so often.

When she saw a handsome guy playing the piano, she was so sure it was Captain Ri…

…but it was actually someone else.

Meet See Siang Wong, a decorated Swiss-Chinese pianist who was born in the Netherlands and who made a cameo appearance in the show!

He posted his cameo experience in Crash Landing On You on his Facebook page last April 27.

After sooo many requests of friends and reactions on CrashLandingOnYou here are some memorable pics of the shoot! I was playing a “lookalike” Pianist for superstar Hyun Bin in the last episode…

– See Siang Wong

A number of pictures were included, most popularly one with Hyun Bin himself. The pianist light-heartedly admitted that he did not know who the Hallyu star was as he never watched K-Dramas in the past.

A sneak peak into the life inside of a drama set was also revealed, such as the hair and makeup portion that See Siang Wong sat through early in the morning.

After receiving some instructions from the director…

It was showtime!

The most fun gig I have ever done as a pianist !!! 🤪

For him, the beauty of the location was another great bonus to the experience.

Lindenhof in Zurich is indeed beautiful…! 😍

– See Siang Wong

He then thanked the director and his assistant for the great opportunity.

Me and the director and his assistant !!! Was fun, many thanks !!! 👍🏻🙏🏻🥰

– See Siang Wong

We can’t think of a better look-alike for Captain Ri’s piano persona!

Source: Facebook

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