Meet The Produce 48 Trainee Who Already Has 5+ Devoted Fansites

She may be the most popular Japanese trainee already!

Even though they have only been in Korea a few times, there is one Japanese Produce 48 trainee that has already captured hearts! The trainee is Miyawaki Sakura from HKT48‘s KIV Team.

Fans have fallen in love with her strong visuals so it shouldn’t be a surprise that she is the center of HKT48 as well as the co-captain.


Sakura is extremely popular in Japan and is even considered to be one of the most popular 48G members.


She’s had a long history with HKT48 and it’s sister group AKB48.

 Sakura was the first HKT member to have ranked in AKB48’s general election. She even got to be a double center with Watanabe Mayu after she ranked.


Sakura would go on to be a double center in a couple more AKB48 songs as well as have a solo center position on the single “Kimi wa Melody”.


When she became co-captain of KIV Team in 2014, she was also given a concurrent position on AKB48‘s Team A that lasted from 2014 to 2017.

She rose in popularity because of this and in 2015 she released a photobook that reached #1 on Oricon chart and #3 on the general book chart within a week.


In addition to her history as a singer, she’s also taken a number of acting roles. She appeared on a many Japanese variety shows, starred in 3 of AKB48’s dramas, and was even in a movie!

She hopes to be an actress in the future.


Not only is she into singing and acting, Sakura also recently started her own YouTube channel where she posts gaming videos!


Sakura also has a relatable personality. Her hobbies include watching movies, drawing, and reading while one of her special talents is being able to fall asleep anywhere.


Fans were super excited when it was announced she would be participating in Produce48, but were even more excited by all of her new fans! Within a few days, she garnered more than 5 Korean fansites!


Produce48 is expected to air in June. If these fansites are any indication, Sakura will likely be one of the most popular members.