Meet The Sensational “K-Pop Furry” Going Viral With A Jaw-Dropping 2NE1 Dance Cover

The wildest cross-over.

Recently, a “furry” went viral with their killer K-Pop dance cover, drawing much attention to the fascinating cross-section that the internet is calling “K-Pop furries.”

The viral “K-Pop furry” | @FurryGintan/Twitter

The term “furry” refers to individuals who have a keen interest in anthropomorphized animals, like Sonic the Hedgehog, Bugs Bunny, or Pokémon. These individuals often strongly identify with these anthropomorphic animals. Sometimes, some of them create parallel personas, termed “fursonas,” and represent their identities as those animals with human sentience. Contrary to popular belief, furries don’t roam around in animal costumes all day. In fact, a very small percentage of them reportedly own fur suits, and most of them see it as a type of hobby.

Fursuit enthusiasts at “Anthrocon” 2010 | Vox

The viral clip in question features a person in a fursuit bringing the house down with their unbelievable moves to a 2NE1‘s “I’m The Best.”  Originally choreographed by YGX‘s Lee Jung Lee, this dance is part of a bigger routine set to a mashup of different 2NE1 hits. After the members of BABYMONSTER performed it during one of their evaluations, which was streamed on YouTube, the specific part of “I’m The Best” became K-Pop fans’ obsession quickly.

The dance is noted for its sharp and powerful movements, which are not easy to execute, even for a normal dancer. So, when people saw a clip where a furry nailed the routine during a random dance play while wearing a fursuit that is usually very heavy and restrictive, there was no way they couldn’t be impressed.

The clip went viral soon, with an influx of praise from the internet. People who have more knowledge of fursuits weighed in with insights, pointing out that this was no regular costume. The dancer in the clip is wearing a Kemono fursuit, which is known to be even harder to breathe in.

As much as the internet is fascinated with this furry dancer, this is not the first time he has gone viral for delivering jaw-dropping K-Pop dances. The individual goes by the name of “Furry Gintan” on the internet and posts frequent dance covers of artists like HyunA, (G)-IDLE, and ENHYPEN. Each video has raked up hundreds of thousands of views, leaving people in awe of his dancing skills.

Though Gintan is very well-known among furry enthusiasts, the first time he gained significant attention from regular K-Pop fans was after a clip of him dancing to TWICE‘s “I Can’t Stop Me” went viral on Twitter.

Based in China, Gintan has become a social media star among both the furry and the K-Pop community. He runs a YouTube channel where he posts regular dance covers. Across different social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok, the dancer has already garnered over 50,000 followers in just a little over a year!

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