Meet “Number 22” National Soccer Player Seol Young Woo, Known For Being A Park Hyung Sik Lookalike

The new flower boy of soccer.

While “Number 9” Cho Gue Sung took the online world by storm in 2022, 2023 is ruled by a new face. Meet Seol Young Woo, who is Number 22 on the national team. With his pretty boy visuals and puppy-like smile, he’s the new visual favorite!

| @0_woo.98/Instagram

The Ulsan-born star cleans up good in a suit too. When he’s not on the field, he seems to enjoy going out to cafes.

In 2021, he once admitted to having a girlfriend at that point in time. He made the revelation during a YouTube interview. It is not known if he is still dating her. He has also stated his ideal type to be tennis star Maria Sharapova. His favorite actress is Go Youn Jung, who is known for her goddess-like visuals.

Seol Young Woo’s nickname from fans is “Ulsan’s Park Hyung Sik.” He is said to look extremely alike to the actor and former idol.

Left: Seol Young Woo. Right: Park Hyung Sik.

Seol Young Woo was born in 1998, in Ulsan. Having grown up in the small city, he naturally made his soccer debut in the Ulsan Hyundai team. He is currently a U23 representative at a national level.

Despite his young age, he already clinched a gold medal in the 2022 ASEAN Games.

He is currently receiving attention as part of the K-League playing for the World Cup. Seol Young Woo routinely plays the fallback position, deftly covering both right and left. He made an important move during the most recent preliminary round with Singapore’s national team on November 16, 202, helping his team score a Penalty Kick.