Who Is Stoney? Meet The Most Special Guest At BTS Suga’s “Agust D” Tour

He’s living the best life.

BTS’s Suga kicked off his SUGA | Agust D tour on April 30, KST, and every show since then has been an exciting roller coaster ride for ARMYs.

BTS Suga’s day 1 “D-DAY” concert in New York | @bts_bighit/Twitter

From the audience barking at Suga spontaneously, to his “No iPhone” rule, to his guitar string breaking mid-performance, every show has had its highlight moments. Newark ARMYs, however, got a surprise that was a bit more special, as Jimin attended the show as a guest in the audience.

But it turns out there is another special guest on this tour who has been traveling with Suga and his crew all this while! This guest’s name is Stoney, a handsome fellow that a lot of ARMYs have already fallen in love with. With his sharp features, cute demeanor, and great hair, Stoney could possibly outdo all K-Pop visuals with ease. And, yes, he is a puppy. But that’s not relevant.

ARMYs discovered Stoney thanks to Han Som Hwee, the hairstylist from Bit & Boot hair salon, who is a part of Suga’s tour crew. She posted a couple of pictures after the show in Rosemont, and it didn’t take much time for fans to notice the handsome face sporting some bougie headphones to protect his ears.

| @bit.boot_hansom/Instagram

Stoney is actually a celeb of celebs, having toured with big names like Post Malone and BTS. But how did he get to that level? Well, his mom, Angie Warner, is the tour manager for both artists.

Angie Warner | Pollstar News

So far, Stoney has accompanied BTS on their Permission To Dance Las Vegas tour and was also caught on camera being cuddled by J-Hope and Jimin at Lollapalooza.

After discovering Stoney’s job, it was hard for ARMYs to contain their envy. But they are willing to let it slide since he clearly looks like a distinguished gentleman (read: the best boy).


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