Meet The “Street Woman Fighter” Dancer Whose Handsome Good Looks Have Netizens Swooning

Even she can’t deny how handsome she is!

While there’s no shortage of stunning contestants on Street Woman Fighter, one dancer in particular is captivating viewers with her unique, handsome visuals!

Monika Shin from PROWDMON. | @monika_shin/Instagram

Meet Monika from PROWDMON, a crew considered “The top among underground dancers.” Monika is the leader of this powerful group that dominates dance battles regularly.

| @monika_shin/Instagram

According to her self-profile released by Mnet, Monika was born on June 22, 1986. For her MBTI type, she’s received three results — ESTJ, ENTJ, and ENFJ — but she considers ENTJ to be the most accurate. She majored in design and worked in the fashion industry before becoming a dancer in her late twenties.

The dance teacher of dancers,” Monika already had a strong reputation amongst all of the competitors for her skills and tough aura. She totally dominated her first battle in the show and proved she is one dancer who should never be underestimated.

| Mnet 

Audiences were also amazed by her undeniable skill, but recently she’s gone viral for her visuals: more specifically, how handsome she is!

| @monika_shin/Instagram

From her bone structure to her intense gaze, netizens can’t get over her appearance and are falling for her!

| theqoo
  • “11. Eonni! T-T She’s so handsome!”
  • “25. You know what they say. It’s a paper-thin line between being pretty and being handsome. I think she’s the epitome of that.”
  • “53. She’s gorgeous… but her skills are even more beautiful. And her attitude is simply incredible. T-T”
  • “58. There’s something super elegant about her. I don’t think she’ll ever go out of style or fall behind the trend.”
  • “60. Is she single or married??? Because I think I’m in love.”
  • “94. Monika, DATE ME… or can I date that male cousin of yours if not you…”

Besides being a dominant figure in the world of dance, Monika is also a model. With her striking appearance and unbelievable proportions, it’s easy to see why!

| @monika_shin/Instagram

Monika herself even agrees that she has a handsome face!

You know, I hear that I’m ‘handsome’ more so than I hear that I’m pretty. And I agree that I have a handsome face. I actually have an older male cousin and we resemble each other a lot-like we have the same faces. And I mean, he’s a handsome dude. So…

— Monika

Expectations for Monika and PROWDMON are high, and audiences look forward to seeing more from the dancers in future episodes of Street Woman Fighter!

Source: theqoo, Instagram, YouTube, Harper's Bazaar and Mnet