EXO Kai’s Backup Dancer Steals The Spotlight On “Street Woman Fighter” For Her Stunning Visuals

The other contestants were in awe of her beauty.

Mnet‘s Street Woman Fighter has been sweeping headlines left and right for its exciting dancing content and with the current hype, it’s no surprise that a few of the contestants have been receiving extra attention compared to others. One contestant in particular, has started to steal the spotlight for not just her dancing abilities, but for her gorgeous idol-like visuals.

Dancer no:ze on “Street Woman Fighter” | Mnet

Meet no:ze — the dancer who previously went viral for being one of EXO Kai‘s backup dancers during his “Mmmh” promotions. While Kai’s handsome visuals stole the stage, no:ze wasn’t too far behind with her stunning looks.

And while she is no newbie to popularity, as she currently boasts an impressive social media following of over 700,000 followers on Instagram, the skilled dancer is starting to steal the spotlight after the premiere of Street Woman Fighter‘s first episode.

| @noze_wayb/Instagram

On the first episode, each dancer walked out onto the stage to meet their competition, but it was no:ze’s entrance that truly stole the show. As her dance team, Way B began their descent down the stairs, the gaze of all of the other competitors immediately went to no:ze, and no:ze alone.

The rest of the dancers recognized who she was, as they began to praise her visuals upon her arrival.

Different dancers complimenting no:ze on her beauty.

It wasn’t just the fellow dancers who felt this way about no:ze’s visuals. After the premiere of Street Woman Fighter‘s first episode, the dancer became a hot topic of discussion on different online communities, as well as other media sites.

| theqoo
  • “This is my first time seeing her, but she’s pretty. She kind of resembles MAMAMOO’s Wheein.”
  • “For real, she is really freaking pretty. You have to watch her makeup video.”
  • “She’s pretty. I wonder why she didn’t become an idol. I would have become a female fanㅠ.”
  • “The dancer who asked no:ze ‘are you okay’ is supposedly actually close to her.”
  • “Wow, but she’s really pretty ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
  • “But she’s actually really pretty.”
  • “She’s so pretty.”
| Mnet

Street Woman Fighter will air every Tuesday on Mnet so make sure tune in to watch no:ze compete with all of the other talented dancers!

In the meantime, you can watch the viral clip of no:ze down below.

Source: WikiTree
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