Meet WayV Hendery’s Beautiful And Supportive Older Sister

Here’s everything you need to know about her.

While WayV‘s Ten, Winwin, and Yangyang only have one sister, Hendery has them beat.

| 威神V_黄冠亨_HENDERY/Weibo

He has three sisters, all of whom are older than him. They’re named Catherine, Cecilia, and the oldest is Crystal.

| @itscathywong/Instagram

Although much isn’t known about Hendery’s family background other than they’re from Macau, that hasn’t stopped fans from getting to know them through their Instagram accounts. That’s how Crystal has captured fans’ hearts with her beauty, expected of a model.

| @w_hengwai/Instagram

She even participated in the Miss Macau 2019 beauty pageant. Crystal is far more than a beautiful face, though.

| @w_hengwai/Instagram

Having moved from Macau to Malaysia, Crystal is doing just fine on her own as the owner of an Instea shop there.

| @w_hengwai/Instagram

On top of running a business, Crystal even makes time to model for it as well. In additional to being stunning and business savvy, there’s another thing that everyone loves most about her.

| @w_hengwai/Instagram

She’s always showing support for her baby brother Hendery. During a soft opening for her tea shop, Crystal couldn’t help but show support by playing WayV’s “Turn Back Time”.

On her Instagram page, she also has a section dedicated just for him where she answers questions about Hendery. From funny ones like fans jokingly asking to marry him to cute ones about whether she misses her brother.

If you’ve ended up falling for her, sorry to burst your bubble. Hendery’s beautiful and business-savvy sister is already taken.

Source: Instagram