This Member Of Twice Is The Only Member Not To Have An NG Cut In TWICE’s “TDOONG Entertainment” Blooper Reel

She got everything right the first time.

On July 26, TWICE uploaded behind the scenes footage and outtakes of their now-famous “TDOONG Entertainment” series in conjunction with their ONCE 3rd generation recruitment. The video takes us through all of TWICE’s hilarious moments while filming, but there was one member who’s performance was so perfect she had no bloopers at all. Hint: she’s TWICE’s resident penguin.

(Question) Please find out what’s different from the original one. (9 points) 

Yes, none other than TWICE’s ice princess herself, Mina, got through her takes without messing up once. In case you needed any additional proof that Mina was perfect, here it is!

“There’s no NG cut because of one-shot, one-kill Assistant Manager MINA” 

Watch TWICE’s entire “TDOONG Entertainment BEHIND” below and see all of the other members’ NG cuts below (Mina can’t relate):