Here Are Each Of The Members Of 2NE1’s Solo OST Songs

Each member of 2NE1 has finally sung their own OST.

With Park Bom‘s July 1st OST for the drama Perfume, “I Do I Do”, each of the members of 2NE1 are officially OST queens. For fans who may not be aware of the songs, we’ve put them all here:

1. Dara – Two Of Us

Dara and WINNER‘s Kang Seungyoon were a match made in OST heaven with their song for their 2015 web drama We Broke Up, “Two Of Us”. The song fits Dara’s bright and fresh vocals perfectly and Seungyoon’s powerful voice is the perfect compliment.

2. Dara – One Step

Dara’s first solo OST song was “One Step” which she sang for the 2017 film One Step. Not only did she sing this OST song, but she starred in the film. Both of Dara’s OSTs showcase her voice in a way that she was unable to in many of 2NE1’s songs.

3. Minzy – I Wanted To Love

Minzy sang “I Wanted To Love” for the 2017 drama The Rebel. Her soulful voice was perfect for the sad, haunting OST.

4. Minzy – Walking

Partners For Justice got Minzy her second OST song in 2018. Once again, she perfectly embodied the emotions of the song through her strong voice.

5. CL – “Ain’t No Better Feeling”

Probably the most surprising OST on the list, CL shed her bad girl image for this super sweet OST for My Little Pony: The Movie in 2017. With “Ain’t No Better Feeling” CL proved once more that she can dominate any concept.

6. Park Bom – “I Do I Do”

Fans are impressed with Bom‘s vocals on “I Do I Do” and hope to hear her voice on many OSTs to come. Savvy fans also noticed that she was in fact teasing “I Do I Do” in her June 19 V LIVE broadcast where she can be heard singing a line from the song.