Let’s Take A Walk Down Memory Lane Before IU’s “Good Day” Turns 10

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Time sure is flying and what better way to feel it than by reminiscing past K-Pop songs. IU‘s song “Good Day” is on the verge of celebrating its 10th birthday so let’s journey back and take a look at this mega hit.

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Making its debut in December of 2010, IU released “Good Day” wearing the signature red dress and orange stockings. While IU was slowly making her mark in the industry with her hit duet single “Nagging” with 2AM‘s Im Seulong, she still wasn’t getting the true spotlight she deserved. It wasn’t until the release of “Good Day” that she made a huge impression on the nation.

IU really nailed this concept even if its different from the image she has created for herself today. With her youthful image, she did an incredible job relaying the emotions of the song and lyrics through her facial expressions.

Her cute choreography was loved by many, especially as she couple danced with one of her backup dancers to emphasize key points of the song. However, everyone knows that it wasn’t just her outfits or dance that made this song so popular. It was through this song that netizens were reminded of how amazing IU’s vocals are. Her phenomenal vocals were heavily showcased throughout the entire song but it was the 3 octave finale at the end that really wowed everyone.

This song was loved by everyone and it went on to become a smash hit with the entire nation trying to nail the 3 octave part. From her cute aigoo aegyo to the catchy melody, this song was pure gold for all. It never gets old and somehow, it seems to get better as time goes on.

IU performing “Good Day” on Music Bank | KBS

If you want to reminisce IU’s hit song “Good Day”, you can check it out below!

Source: Insight and Hankyung