Mentos Tried To Downplay EXO Sehun’s Endosements And EXO-Ls Were Not Having It

EXO-L demanding credit where credit is due

On January 16, every moment of EXO‘s trip to Chile was shared by hardworking EXO-Ls via social media. Among them, fans particularly liked the cute photo of Sehun buying a Mentos at the Los Angeles International Airport.

Since the photo hit Twitter, fans began tweeting Mentos to let them know about the huge promotion they are getting for free. Keep in mind EXO can literally sell out anything with a single photo.

Mentos tried to play it cool with a weak comment when they responded to a fan’s playful request to thank Sehun for the endorsement.

“Thankful for all of our fans! If they’re famous, that’ just a bonus.”

Well, EXO-L  were pretty offended with them trying to downplay the situation as no big deal and took it upon themselves to school Mentos about the presence of Sehun.

You could tell they heard the message loud and clear when they responded to another fan with a more “enthusiastic” attitude.

“We are very grateful! We’ve been playing “Overdose” on a loop most of the day today.

We’re sure Mentos will see the effect of the free endorsement very soon since EXO-Ls have been stocking up their Mentos piles all thanks to that one photo.



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