Mexican Fans Removed Winwin’s Name From “Touch” Fanchant And NCTzens Are Fuming

NCT 127 has 10 members, and that’s that.

During NCT 127‘s Mexico tour stop of Neo City – The Origin, “Touch” was part of the set-list and fans decided to change the fanchant for it.

But, they did something NCTzens weren’t too fond of. There was someone’s name missing from the fanchant.

It appeared that they replaced Winwin‘s name with Jungwoo‘s, and this rubbed NCTzens the wrong way for two reasons.

Although Winwin isn’t currently promoting with NCT 127, he is still a member, even with the addition of Jungwoo and his promotions in WayV.

And, all fans would know that “Touch” was Winwin’s era. The concept fit him so well that even Produce X 101 contestant Victon‘s Byungchan recently talked about how Winwin stood out for his cute gestures during those promotions.

So, it’s understandable why NCTzens weren’t happy with the exclusion of Winwin’s name, especially after the airport incident. It can be confusing to remember based on everything that’s happening, but NCT 127 is 10 members.