ITZY’s Yeji Impresses MIDZYs With Her Powerful Vocals During Her Warm-Up

“Why does Hwang Yeji sounds like she had CDs for breakfast.”

ITZY recently made their comeback with their first full-length album CRAZY IN LOVE and in their latest behind-the-scenes for their “LOCO” promotions, Yeji showed off her powerful vocals.

| @ITZYofficial/Twitter

In their video, the members all prepared for their comeback performance and the camera caught Yeji’s vocal warm-ups.

While Yeji showed off her beautiful voice, the editors of the scene incorporated “CD” over Yeji’s throat implying that her live vocals sound like the CD recording itself.

Following her warm-ups, Yeji took some time to talk to the camera and mentioned the vocal difficulty of their album’s title track “LOCO.” Not only is the hit song hard to sing while dancing, but also just a hard song to sing in general.

Among all the ITZY songs, ‘LOCO’ is the hardest to do live stages with. It’s unbelievably hard to sing while dancing.

— Yeji

Regardless of its difficulty, Yeji’s impressive warm-up proved just how powerful her vocals are! MIDZYs couldn’t help but praise the group’s leader and express how impressed they are with her.

Check out the video below: