MIDZYs Upset Over ITZY’s Constant Repetition of Outfits

Fans are not happy.

ITZY has been spotted reusing stage outfits on numerous occasions, and MIDZYs are not pleased.

After the official ITZY Twitter account shared photos of the girls attending the 2019 VLIVE Awards V HEARTBEAT Event, fans compiled pictures of the girls the outfits they wore in other events. For reference, here are the photos of the official ITZY account posted.

MIDZYs point out that the girls have worn the same white-and-blue outfits for numerous music show performances in the past, as well as for 2019 K-World Festa.

They were also previously seen wearing the same white coats at the M2 X Genie Music Awards.

MIDZYs have since compiled more instances in which the girls were caught repeating outfits. Fans have brought in to light the constant use of their pink and white stage outfits.

As well as their printed stage outfits.

They also found another set of blue and white stage outfits, which they too have reused more than once.

Fans are calling out ITZY’s stylists and coordinators, saying that the girls are monster rookies, yet they are always wearing the same clothes. Many are in agreement that the girls deserve more options for clothing since they are already reaching superstar levels.

Korean MIDZYs is allegedly planning to write a complaint to JYP Entertainment for their treatment of ITZY.

Fans are hoping that JYP Entertainment will listen to the fans and provide them with better stylists.