Milo’s Company Officially Apologizes, After He Tried To Bring An Underage Fan To His Hotel Room

CT Entertainment has apologized for Romeo Milo’s actions from the past and have said he will take time off to reflect on his actions.

Earlier, Romeo‘s Milo was caught up in a controversy of inviting an underaged fan known as Honoka to his hotel in Japan.


Because of his actions, many of his fansites closed and there was a lot of public outrage for him trying to seduce a minor.

Male Idol Caught Attempting To Bring Underage Fan To His Hotel


CT Entertainment has since released an apology to Romeo’s fan club, Juliets, and the public.

“Hello. This is CT Entertainment. We sincerely apologize for inconveniencing the fans due to the recent scandal. Milo is currently in deep reflection over his actions and immature behavior as a public figure and he will be in reflection for a while. Once again, we bow our heads in apology for worrying the fans and will do our best to make sure such scandals don’t happen again in the future.” — CT Entertainment

Source: Sports Chosun