Male Idol Caught Attempting To Bring Underage Fan To His Hotel

He personally messaged her multiple times.

Kim Minhak, better known as Milo from the group Romeo, sent Kakaotalk texts to an underaged fan known as Honoka8_20, asking her to come to his hotel alone.

“Next time I travel to Japan alone, let’s stay in a hotel together.” — Milo


Honoka posted the chat on her Instagram story, showing how he called her “pretty” and “sometimes sexy” and told her “you’re mine”.

“Oppa! You’re cuter!” — Honoka

“Honoka, you’re a little cute and pretty and sometimes sexy… super kawaii… you’re mine.” — Milo


Honoka was very flattered and excited, posting that she couldn’t believe it was real.

“Even though we can’t play now, we can meet at night next time, so this is the best… We can even hug all we want… Is this a dream?” — Honoka


The screenshots were posted on Romeo’s twitter account and in response, all fansites were closed down.


Fans are not sure what to believe, with conflicting reports about the girl’s age and whether it was fake, but most netizens are outraged.

“He’s a celebrity and her bias so to her he’s like a figure of authority. He could ask her ANYTHING and she’ll just say yes right away because she thinks that they are in love, that to him she’s ‘special’. It infuriates me so much!” — Netizen


Milo was most recently a contestant on the idol trainee survival show MIXNINE but was eliminated in the second round.


Source: PANN CHOA and Instiz